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Preliminary examinations for candidates for admission - Psycho-educational Committee

Candidates for admission are reported to the Foundation by the Social Welfare Services, the Special Schools or special units and the families of the persons concerned. The examination process begins with a meeting of the family and the individual with the Social Worker of the Foundation, who will prepare a sociofunctional report on the history of the candidate and the situation of his/her family. At the same time, the candidate will be examined by the Foundation's Psychologist, who, after making her diagnosis for his/her intellectual level and his/her various disabilities, will prepare her own report. Meanwhile, the Foundation's Nurse refers the candidate for various tests, x-rays and other medical examinations.

The reports of all the Specialists are then presented to the Psycho-educational Committee of the Foundation, in which representatives of the Ministries of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance and Health also participate. The Committee, on the basis of the admission criteria, suggests the admission or not of the candidates. The recommendation is referred to the Management Board for final approval or rejection. Although the decision is made by a multidisciplinary team, each case is considered individually and takes into account all the individual differences, problems and needs of both the person for admission and his/her family. The Psycho-educational Committee is also responsible for submitting proposals to the Management Board for the removal of trainees.

The Entry Evaluation Form can be found HERE (GR)

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