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The Foundation offers the possibility of transporting the trainees from their homes to the Foundation and vice versa. The transport is made by buses of a private company following a tender announcement. In addition, the Foundation employs a professional driver who undertakes the execution of a route with the use of a Foundation bus. The buses have the ability to transport people with mobility difficulties and people in wheelchairs. All buses have an escort.

Trainees Transfer Fees

For the transfer of the trainees there is a charge proportional to the frequency they are transferred. The charges below are valid until June 30, 2025, the end date of the new transportation contract. It is noted that there is a possibility of extending the agreement until August 31, 2026, provided that both parties agree.

Following a decision of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, ratified by the Board of Directors of the Foundation, the amount paid to parents/guardians by the Social Welfare Services, as a transport allowance (with a maximum amount of €113), has stopped. A similar amount is paid to the Foundation through its Budget. Parents/Guardians are requested to cover the difference between the amount of the charge for the transport of your child and the amount of €113.

Due to the large increase in the amount of transportation, in the previous contract, the Board of Directors decided that, for the years 2022 and 2023, more coverage is provided from the Foundation's budget, than the amount of €113 that was covered before the signing of the agreement.


The prices in the new contract also remain at the same levels as a result the Board of Directors, wanting to help and support the families of our trainees and to ensure that no trainee is left at home, due to an increase in transport costs, has decided to continue the previous regulation and to subsidize, with an amount greater than €113, the transport of the trainees.

The prices for transport valid for the period 1st September 2023 until 30 June 2025 for seven private company buses and one Foundation bus are as follows:

Trainees who are transported daily with a double route are billed at the amount of €288 per month and pay only €92.

Trainees who have only one daily journey to or from the Foundation are charged the amount of €193 and do not pay any amount to the Foundation.

Boarders who are transferred on Monday and Friday are charged the amount of €98 per month and do not pay any amount to the Foundation.

Charges are made for 10 months of the year (September – June). It is clarified that regardless of the number of absences a trainee has during the month, he is charged for the entire month. Trainees who are absent for the entire month are not charged.

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