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ECO SCHOOLS 2020-2021

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"Eco Schools" is an international program designed to announce and encourage the action of an entire school unit on the environment. They offer an easy way to apply topics from the Curriculum on a daily basis. This process will help our trainees recognize the value of environmental issues and adopt appropriate attitudes in life and at home.

​The "Eco Schools" offer to the Foundation:

· The opportunity to use topics from the Curriculum to influence life of the Foundation in terms of environmental issues.

· The opportunity to cultivate in individuals the decision-making skills.

· Ideas for tasks and activities.


· Opportunities for cooperation with the local community.


· An award with prestige.


· Opportunities for local and national publicity.


· Links with other schools / organizations in Europe.


This year, the Foundation participates in this program for the first time.
We have selected 3 (out of 17) sustainable development goals that we will


In December 2020, we planted pea seeds for the purpose of growing and producing fruits, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Final result: Delicious, fresh peas and above all without chemicals.


With the olives we collected we extracted oil and made black olives.


These products were used in the preparation of food by the Foundation's Kitchen.


Recycling at the Foundation has become a way of life. We have also informed our families about the recycling programs carried out at the Foundation, thus giving those who wish, the opportunity to contribute.


We cooperate with the Foundation's kitchen and collect the excess organic materials.


In this way we have our own soil compost, which we use in our vegetable crops


In our vegetable garden we have planted potatoes and sweet potatoes. We take care of them almost every day !!


We do not use chemical fertilizers but our own fertilizer from our composting! 

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