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The Christos Stelios Ioannou Foundation, is a donation from Stelios and Elli Ioannou in memory of their son Christos.

It has been operating in Nicosia since October 1983. The Government covers the operational costs of the Foundation and actively participates in its Board of Directors. The Foundation is a private legal entity registered in accordance with the Associations and Foundations Law of the Republic of Cyprus.

In 1983, the Foundation started the operation of the Center for Social and Vocational Rehabilitation, today it has developed into a versatile service organization and a model center, offering high-level specialized programs and services to 206 adults with moderate and mild intellectual disabilities from all over the Cyprus. In recent years, by decision of the Board of Directors, admissions have been limited to teachers who live in the Nicosia province.

In addition to individual integration, professional rehabilitation and social inclusion, which are the main goals of the foundation and which significantly improve the position of the person with an intellectual disability in Cypriot society, the Foundation has pioneered the introduction of innovative institutions and concepts, which have upgraded basically the level of services to these people in Cyprus.

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