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Within the framework of the multidisciplinary approach, the Foundation offers a wide variety of therapeutic and entertainment programs. It is operated by specialists such as a psychologist, social worker, nurse, physiotherapist, music therapist, occupational therapist, special physical education teachers, music teacher and cooking-pastry trainer. 

The Psychologist deals with the diagnosis, support and treatment of trainees attending the Foundation. She establishes meetings with parents and trainees, supports the Foundation staff, addresses discipline problems of the Foundation trainees, and enhances their self-esteem. She is responsible for the emotional well-being of the trainees and well as the sex education and the self-advocacy program.   

The Social Worker is responsible for informing the families of our trainees about their rights as well as promoting and utilizing any social benefits and services they are entitled to. She also interconnects and facilitates families in communicating with relevant agencies such as Social Welfare Services, the Department of Social Inclusion and more. In addition, she provides support and assistance to the Foundation's trainees and their families, both in filling out the necessary forms or applications, and she provides support in any other form they may need. 

The Foundation offers Physiotherapy that aims in the promotion, support and restoration of the physical health and functional ability of the Foundation's trainees. The trainees are evaluated by the physiotherapist and then participate in an individual or group therapy program according to their needs. The physiotherapist cooperates with the rest of the Foundation's staff as well as with the trainees' families in order to achieve the maximum of personalized goals that have been set.

The Nurse performs vaccinations, blood draws, wound care and medication administration. She is also in charge of training the Foundation's personnel on matters of Emergency Response. In addition, she assists the Dentist that gives medical support to the Foundation's trainees every two weeks.

The Occupational Therapist evaluates the trainees' abilities in both fine-motor skills and personal hygiene, designs activities based on their needs and abilities and sets goals to improve different needs.

The Swimming / Hydrotherapy offers tremendous benefits to the trainees of the Foundation. Contact with water causes euphoria, stimulates the mood for play, helps reduce stress and creates a happy mood. For these reasons, swimming / hydrotherapy is viewed worldwide as the best activity for maintaining and improving the physical and mental well-being of people with disabilities, goals that are very important to our Foundation.

In Music trainees are taught musical instruments, some simple musical concepts and other music theory elements. There is a choir at the Foundation where the trainees, who take part in it, have the opportunity to test their singing skills and to present the result of this learning in events inside and outside the Foundation.   

In Physical Education, trainees have the opportunity to follow an exercise program to control body weight, strengthen and develop skills based on cardio respiratory improvement through aerobic exercise and can also join a team for Special Olympics, such as Basketball, Football, Tennis, Floor-ball, Skiing, Bowling, Cycling, etc.

The Cooking - Pastry Program teaches the trainees how to prepare meals and drinks, so that they can control their diet on their own. 

​The Foundation has been receiving services from the training programs of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth for the past few years. These programs start in October of each year and end in May. The Foundation's trainees have the opportunity to take part in some or all of the programs such as theater and crafts.

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