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1.Training in Mosaic Making (3-4/12/2022) in Greece.

During the training, the participant learned how to create constructions using the mosaic technique. The technique of mosaic making has now been integrated into the Foundation's activities with the creation of a Creative Employment Workshop dealing with the creation of mosaic products.

2.Polymer Clay Seminar (3-4/12/2022) in Greece.

The seminar focused on the manufacturing of jewelry with polymer clay (use of material, correct cutting, shaping and storage of the material and utilization of leftovers for making beads for jewelry). The technique of creating jewelry with polymer clay will be included in the activities of the Foundation's Jewelry Workshop

1.Visit to the "Mariaberg" Foundation (July 10-14, 2023) in Germany.

The participants were guided around the premises of the Foundation, observed the functioning of the sheltered laboratories, the social enterprises (gardening, cafeteria, pastry shop) and in general the functioning of the Foundation.

2.Visit to the "Unapei de l'Oise" Foundation (July 17-21, 2023) in France.

The participants observed the operation of vocational rehabilitation services, the operation of sheltered laboratories, therapeutic and educational programs, self-advocacy programs, independent living services and sex education programs.

1.Visit of Foundation trainees to the Foundation for the Protection of Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities "Theotokos" (March 13-17, 2023) in Greece.

Four trainees of the Foundation (representatives of the Self-Advocacy group of the Foundation), accompanied by two staff members, went to Athens for a week and participated in joint actions.

There, the Foundation's trainees had the opportunity to observe the services and structures offered by the host organization and to get to know the trainees and specifically the Self-Advocacy team supported by the host organization. During the visit, issues that concern the Self-Advocacy team of the host organization were discussed, as well as an exchange of views on issues of common interest.

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