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Educational program on "European project management and design for teachers, headmasters and educators" (26-30 June 2023) in Italy

Through this training program, the participant has acquired the necessary knowledge and resources for the development of European programs and partnerships at the European level, thus giving the Foundation the possibility for further development in this field. The participant has already made contacts with other organizations and has discussed possible collaborations.

2.Educational program on "Discover the best apps and tools for e-learning, distance learning and web design" (10-14 July 2023) in Italy.

This training program helped the participant learn and train in the use of tools for e-learning and distance learning and in creating and maintaining a website. She has already created the Foundation's website and is able to regularly enrich it and keep it updated.

3.Educational program - "Painting Workshop" (July 5-7, 2023) in Greece.

The participant is in charge of the creative employment workshop dealing with resin (liquid glass). Through the three-day training she received, she learned the techniques needed to create an artistic resin structure. She has simplified these techniques and transmitted them to the trainees of her workshop, thus giving them the self-confidence and satisfaction of creating a quality product.

1.Visit (Shadow Work) to the Foundation for the Protection of Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities "Theotokos" (March 28 – April 1, 2022) in Greece.

The participant watched the operation of the different groups and services of the Foundation, as well as spent time with the Social Worker of the area, where they discussed and exchanged opinions on the issue of social services prevailing in each country.

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