Philosophy Principles

The philosophy upon which the Foundation is based is to approach people with intellectuall disability as individuals with needs, feelings, rights, abilities and interests, as well as responsibilities.

Every person is confronted as a unique entity with their own idiosyncrasies and individuality. The principles of individualisation and normalisation comprise the very essence of the Foundation and ensure that "levelling" and "institutionalisation" are avoided. The aim is to develop the full potential of each individual and to provide opportunities for a qualitatively better life within society.

A unique particularity of the Foundation is the effort to satisfy all the needs of each person with a intellectuall disability, with high standard of services, which never however cease to be human.

This is achieved with the multi-disciplinary approach, in which specialists of various expertise, as members of the multi-scientific group, but each one from his own post, try to help every person independently to overcome his problems, satisfy his needs and develop his capabilities.