Parents Association

Attaching due importance and considering the co-operation of parents as a necessary predisposition, the Foundation, since the beginning of its operation, set up the Parents Association and aimed at the proper and close co-operation with it.
Apart from the co-operation with the parents on a personal basis in order to jointly deal with and solve the problems of their children, this co-operation has also been expanded to the following sectors:

Promotion of the students' welfare, joint promotion of objectives, training of parents and personnel, coverage of supplementary needs of the Foundation both in terms of equipment and personnel.

A vital question that always preoccupied parents, was what will happen to their children when they will no longer live. This problem is expected to be solved soon with the erection of the Old People's Home, which is already under construction, with the new significant donation of the Joannou couple, of the amount of $4.000.000 and the help of Friends and Parents Associations of the Foundation.