The Association of Friends

3. The Great projects of the Association of Friends

The significant work, and longstanding and meaningful contribution of the Association of Friends was crowned by the completion of two important projects; the Production Workshop and Integrated Group-Homes.

The Production Workshop, which was constructed within the compound of the Foundation with significant financial assistance from the Sylvia and Athos Christodoulou family, is an employment centre for mentally handicaped people who cannot be employed in the open market.

The Integrated Group-Homes were constructed at Latsia village with significant financial assistance from Dakis and Lieta Joannou. It is a small complex of flats housing students from the Foundation who have achieved a degree of independence which allows them to live within the society with limited supervision.

A third significant achievement promoted by the Association of Friends in cooperation with the Parents' Association and with the generous help of the Joannou family, is the construction of the Old People's Home, which will provide the answer to the pressing concern of parents about what will happen to their children when they are no longer alive. The home is being built on land donated by the goverment adjacent to the Foundation.

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