2. The Employment-Rehabilitation Department

2.1 Vocational Training

The Foundation has a total of seven Workshops where trainees are trained  and work. One of them is a large Production Workshop which was built by the Association of Friends of the Foundation for the productive occupation of individuals who cannot or are not yet ready to be employed in the open market.


The basic professional sectors offered by the Foundation are Sewing, Weaving, Embroidery, Basketry, Carpentry, Repetitional Work, Assembly, Packaging, Agriculture and Laundry.

Those who work in the Workshops have the chance, whenever necessary, to attend supplementary education programmes to maintain and complement their knoweledge. They also take part in all therapeutic, social, sporting, entertainment and other activities offered by the Foundation as part of its effort for the complete, and multi-faceted development of the skills and personality of each individual.

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