1. The Admission-Education Department

1.1 Admission Appraisal of candidates-The Psychopeadagogical Committee


Admission candidates apply to the Foundation through the Welfare Department, local schools or their families. The assessment process begins in a meeting between the family, the candidate and the Foundation's Social Worker who prepares a report on the personal history of the candidate and family situation. At the same time the candidate is tested by the Foundation's psychologist who makes a diagnosis of his mental state and various problems and disabilities, and then prepares a report. Meanwhile, the Nurse refers the candidate for various laboratory tests, X-rays and other medical tests.

All the specialists' reports are then presented to the Psychopeadagogical Committee, whose members include representatives of the Welfare Department and Ministry of Health, and which comes to a decision. The Committee reaches its decision based on the Foundation’s admission criteria. Despite the fact that the decision is taken by a multidisciplinary group, each case is examined individually and all the personal specifics, problems and needs of each individual and their family are taken into account.

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