The premises of the Foundation cover an area of 26 acres and are situated on a hill when entering Nicosia, at the beginning of the highway to Limassol, where is the main entrance of the Foundation.

The Foundation consists of the following 5 main buildings.

1) Administration and Teaching Classes

2) Creative Activity Workshops 

3) Kitchen and Dining Hall - Main Hall

4) Residence Halls

5) Therapy centre Gym - Library - swimming pool

All buildings of the Foundation without exception are free of architectural obstacles and accessible to people with wheelchairs.



Their design and erection were made in a way which renders them functional and easy to use and create safe and human living conditions.

All buildings are linked with covered corridors, are not traversed by roads and are surrounded by gardens, courts, parking places and other smaller subsidiary buildings, the more important of which is the snow-white chapel of St. Christopher which dominates the surrounding area.

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